NASPE: Standard 4 .

Instructional Delivery and Management
Physical education teacher candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

A big part of teaching is keeping the students interested in the subject at hand. In EDU 255 I learned various tools that would help me as a teacher 1) Increase the amount of physical activity in a small class period 2) Increase competency of skill being taught. The tool that I felt were effective and would comply with Standard 4, would be time coding forms and feedback analysis form.  Both of these help when reviewing the lesson see how much time you spending teaching vs how much time the students are actually participating. Feedback analysis form is a tool for review to see how much of your students actually review specific and congruent feedback from me as their teacher.

From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE
The artifact chosen for this Standard come from my Lab C Packet where I taught Broom Ball and my Lab A where I taught Jump rope skills.
Time Coding Form:
Feedback Analysis Form 

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