Professional Development


Completed the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (S.A.V.E) workshop
and The Child Abuse and Recognition (C.A.R) workshop.

NASPE: Standard 6

Physical Education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

NASPE: Standard 5

Impact on Student Learning
Physical education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and to inform instructional decisions.

From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE

From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE

NASPE: Standard 4 .

Instructional Delivery and Management
Physical education teacher candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

A big part of teaching is keeping the students interested in the subject at hand. In EDU 255 I learned various tools that would help me as a teacher 1) Increase the amount of physical activity in a small class period 2) Increase competency of skill being taught. The tool that I felt were effective and would comply with Standard 4, would be time coding forms and feedback analysis form.  Both of these help when reviewing the lesson see how much time you spending teaching vs how much time the students are actually participating. Feedback analysis form is a tool for review to see how much of your students actually review specific and congruent feedback from me as their teacher.

From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE
The artifact chosen for this Standard come from my Lab C Packet where I taught Broom Ball and my Lab A where I taught Jump rope skills.
Time Coding Form:
Feedback Analysis Form 

NASPE: Standard 3

Planning and Implementation.
Physical education teacher candidates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local, state and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

During EDU 255 Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education, I was responsible for creating three lessons based on a topic chosen by the instructor to teach my peers. The final project is "Lab D" is where I put together all the teaching tools used throughout the semester to create a 25 minute lesson on disc golf. These tools consisted of activity progression sheet,  time coding form10-day block plan, and post assessment test. I am especially proud of the lesson plan and scoping sequence  that I created for this lesson.  Using these tools I show that I am able to plan and implement a lessons that align with state and national standards that address students of diverse needs( NASPE Standard 3). During this 255 experience is where I feel I experienced the most growth as teacher along with my peers and other classes I participated at this time. Its safe to say that during this experience I fell in love with the dream of teaching all over again.

10 Day Block Plan,

Scoping Sequence  

NASPE: Standard 2

Skill-Based and Fitness-Based Competence
Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health-enhancing fitness as delineated in NASPE's K-12 Standards

As a Physical Educator it is my duty to demonstrate that I am a competent in both performance and health-enchancing fitness activities. The following photos are archives from my previous previous college SUNY Cobleskill. During my time at this school I earned 8 All-American titles for the 200m, 400m, 4x400m, 4x200m, and 4x100m and as a team place 2nd overall 3 time at NJCAA Nationals in 2007 and 2008 indoor and outdoor competitions. SUNY Cortland I participated on the varsity Women's Track Team for 1 year then went on to participate in various intramural sports. 


From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE

NASPE: Standard 1

Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge
Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.



Regina M. Morgan
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To secure a position in Physical Education, utilizing both educational background and prior work experience.


Bachelor of Science in Education Anticipated May 2011 State University of New York at Cortland, Cortland, NY
Major: Physical Education

Associates in Liberal Arts May 2008
State University of New York at Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY


Field Experience: Elementary Physical Education Fall 2009
Dryden Elementary School, Dryden, NY
• Led activities for children in grades 1 through 6
• Obtained knowledge of classroom management, student discipline planning.


Fitness Instructor 2009- Present
Fitness on Wheels For the Working Student, Cortland, NY
• Providing fitness and dietary instruction for the
student workers of SUNY Cortland
Track & Field Instructor 2006- Present
Prospect Heights High School, Brooklyn, NY
• Coached Sprints/Hurdles, Long Jump and Triple Jump


•SUNY Cortland Alliance of Physical Education Majors 2008- Present


Resident Hall Assistant Spring 2010- Present
Residence Life and Housing, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY

Public Relations Representative for Neighboring Schools 2008-Present
Caribbean Students Association, Cortland NY
• Campus Outreach, organizing events and leading meetings
Receptionist 2009- Present
Academic Support and Achievement Program, Cortland NY
• Scheduling, providing information for students and faculty
Member 2008- Present
Women of Color, Cortland, NY
Member 2008- Present
Black Student Union, Cortland NY

Women’s Intercollegiate Track & Field 2006-2009
SUNY Cortland and SUNY Cobleskill
• Participated in 400 meter and 200 meter runs including relays and triple and long Jump. Also obtained captain status for two of the three years


• C.A.R Workshop Certification Fall 2009
• S.A.V.E Workshop Certification Spring 2009
• New York Professional Coaching Certification May 2008
• American Red Cross Responding to Emergency First Aid Valid through Dec. 2009
• American Red Cross CPR Valid through Dec. 2009
• American Red Cross AED Valid through Dec. 2009

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From I am what you strive to be ... Teacher of PE